The Advocacy Toolkit

Be The Change. Defend Your Rights.

Is there something you want to change? What does advocacy mean anyway? This is a guide to help you be the change and defend your rights.

I want to change something…

If there is something I want to change, what can I do?

Featured Stories

How to use this toolkit:

There is something I want to change…

In every place, there are people who can help you make change. Go to People & Places to learn about leaders and allies in different environments.

If there is something I want to change, what can I do?

How do you change something that’s not fair? Go to Take Action to learn what to do first, and to get ideas about how to build an action plan that works for you!

Feature Stories

Throughout the toolkit you’ll find Feature Stories about youth who took action on issues important to them. Learn about what they wanted to change, and how they did it!

The Advocacy Toolkit is one part of the Remote Rights Project.

The Remote Rights Project creates accessible legal education resources for youth in rural and remote areas across Canada.

Remote Rights is a project of the Canadian Civil Liberties Education Trust (CCLET).

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This project was supported by a grant from CIRA's Community Investment Program.


This toolkit is intended to provide you with basic information about advocacy. It is important to remember that this guide does not provide legal advice. If you need advice about a specific situation, please consult with an adult you trust or, if you are facing a legal issue, please contact a lawyer. You can find a list of legal resources to help you here.

Publication Date: July 2018