Educate Yourself

Learn About Your Issue

Ask yourself:

  • How long has this been a problem?
  • Who are the main people involved?
  • Who is this affecting and who has tried to fix it?
  • Who do you think still needs to get on board?

You can learn valuable information in all sorts of places:

  • trustworthy news sites
  • websites of community organizations
  • Youtube channels
  • blogs
  • government department websites
  • podcasts
  • community events and more!

It’s important to learn more so you can figure out how you want to get involved!

Check Your Sources

Be wary of false news sites. Always check the ‘About Us’ area on a website to learn about the organization. Look for unusual domain names, and read multiple news sources to see how others are reporting on the same story.

Get Stronger and Smarter

Look for opportunities to become a better leader, like webinars and youth leadership conferences in your province/territory. There is a lot of online literature to teach you how to lead for your cause. There are also lots of programs that let you travel while you learn. Gaining skills can be an adventure!