Find Your People

You can definitely do advocacy without a big group - e.g., you can write a letter to your Member of Parliament all on your own. But if you want to team up to make your message louder, here are some tips to find your people:

Find Your People Safely

  • Talk to an adult you trust about how to find like-minded people.
  • Before publicizing your cause online or on flyers around town, think about who can see the ads and what would happen if they saw them. (Strangers? The police? Your boss? Your friends?)
  • If you decide to advertise, don’t include your phone number, and use a unique email address that’s not connected to you personally.

Start Where You Go Every Day

  • Talk to the people you see every day about your cause.
  • If you’ve decided it’s safe, create flyers to post in places where lots of people hang out, like a coffee shop or the cafeteria.
  • Make announcements at school.

Get Involved in the Advocacy Community

  • Volunteer for groups that support your cause (you can often find these groups by searching online).
  • Host social events for your people at your school or somewhere else you feel safe and welcome.